No Frost Fin Evap

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Technical Data

Dimension:  Longth: 300mm£­500mm     Width: 40mm£­80mm     Height: 300mm-500mm

Spec. of Raw Material:  Al tube: ∅8¡Á0.7mm£¬∅8¡Á0.75mm¡¢∅8¡Á1.0mm     Copper tube: ∅8¡Á0.7¡¢∅6¡Á0.65¡¢∅6¡Á0.75     

                                       Copper capillary tube: ∅2.8¡Á0.7¡¢∅3.0¡Á0.75     Al fin: 0.15mm-0.2mm

No Frost Fin Evaporator
One size fits all certainly does not apply to the production of cold air. At ShengBang, we see each of our customers' products as a completely different cold air challenge, and we work from scratch to design a specific no-frost evaporator that maximizes performance over the breadth of that product.
Engineered from decades of experience, research-derived technology and our ability to produce an entire cold air system, all ShengBang no-frost evaporators are high-performance components purpose-built for the spaces they are intended to cool.
After all, you don't just want a part, you want results. And ShengBang can deliver the best result, consistently, anywhere in the world your business may take you.